Group discounts for radiology teams, medical imaging departments and residents



  • Use from any computer (work, home...)
  • Login/password access model
  • Access to all e-Anatomy modules
  • Enables all e-Anatomy advanced features
  • Faster downloads through Amazon Cloudfront Content Delivery Network


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Ordering information

  • Group subscription prices are arranged in tiers by number of users. For less than 11 users, price is per user. For more than 10 users, price is for all the group of users.
  • License terms are one year.
  • The site-license agreement must be accepted and all users must register and activate their IMAIOS account before the activation process can be completed.



United States - Canada


Annual fee

(US Dollars $)

Tier U1: 1-5 Authorized Users 69 $ PER USER
Tier U2: 6-10 Authorized Users 50 $ PER USER
Tier G1: 11-25 Authorized Users 775 $
Tier G2: 26-50 Authorized Users 1,050 $
Other: please contact us


Other countries


Annual fee

(EURO €)

Tier U1: 1-5 Authorized Users 45 € PER USER
Tier U2: 6-10 Authorized Users 39 € PER USER
Tier G1: 11-25 Authorized Users 550 €
Tier G2: 26-50 Authorized Users 850 €
Other: please contact us

Orders from countries within the European Community are subject to VAT (20%).



1. Please select and print (downloadable PDF format) the appropriate order form from the list below:

United States:


European countries:


Other countries:

2. Please review and sign the Site License Agreement:



If you have questions, use the contact form.


3. Create your IMAIOS accounts


All users in the group must register on (registration is free) and activate their account (An e-mail with an activation link is sent automatically after registration).

Please complete the list of users in your group so that we can enable subscription:

Userlist.xls 25.00 kB


4. Please send all documents by e-mail or fax to:



Fax: +33 (0)9 57 42 25 46