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2014.10.01 - Bayer Healthcare

 Une approche différenciatrice pour la dosimétrie patientRadimetrics est un logiciel de gestion de la dosimétrie patient édité par Bayer Healthcare qui calcule la dose absorbée par organe ainsi que la dose efficace. Cette solution permet aussi d’évaluer, de façon automatique, la dose reçue s...

2014.06.11 - Unfors RaySafe

Safety awareness among medical staff who are exposed to scattered radiation represents another important aspect affecting radiation safety. As empirical studies indicate a causal relationship between x-ray dose exposure in interventional radiology and an increased risk of severe diseases such as...

2014.06.05 - Agfa HealthCare

With the drive for dose reduction and improved dose registration gathering pace, Dr. JamieFraser, Dorell Metcalfe and Susan Delaney of the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia,explain how they worked with Agfa HealthCare on the development of IMPAX REM (RadiationExposure Monitoring).