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The MRIaudio Patient Stereo


The MRIaudio Patient Stereo is our best-selling MRI-safe audio entertainment solution. It was designed around the needs of patients, technologists and imaging centers alike. Patients get high-quality pneumatic sound enabling them to comfortably pass time in the magnet. Technologists get the easiest system to use. And imaging centers get improved operations and lasting assurance with our industry-leading warranties.


No other patient stereo provides the quality, service, value or versatility of the MRiaudio Patient Stereo, and it’s guaranteed to work flawlessly with your MRI or your money back.




"I used the in ear headphones on an 8yr old pt today. I was so worried he was going to move…[but the] pictures came out beautiful. He requested Michael Jackson and took a nap. So thank you for making my job easier.” - Marium, MRI Technologist


"Superior customer service, great sound quality and as an extra bonus, less time spent setting up because of the iPad. Patients love the ability to streamline what they want to listen to.” - Jack Berry,  R.T.


"You won’t find a company who exceeds in ensuring that you are happy with their product like this one does. Great product and service at a great price.” - Stacy Padgett (R) (MR) (CT)


"Once we got our patient stereo installed, we found it to be of great use. Not only does it reduce patient stress, but it also makes it easier to communicate directly with the patient.” -Jill Flannery R.T. (R) (MR) 

Price: $4319 (for USA version); $4819 (for INTERNATIONAL version)

Price Includes:

  • Audio Transducer 
  • Pneumatic Tubing
  • Noise Isolating Over-Ear Headphones 
  • In-ear Headphones (Included for International System Only)
  • Amplifier (Either US or INTERNATIONAL)
  • Technologist Microphone 
  • Technologist Speakers 
  • 3.5mm cable adapter (for compatibility with all smartphones, tablets, computers, mp3 players)
  • All Installation Cables / Adapters
  • iPad (sold separately)
  • CD Player (sold separately)
  • 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty
  • Lifetime Transducer Warranty

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