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Posterior thalamoperforating arteries branch off the P1 segment to supply blood to the midbrain and thalamus.

Cortical branches of the PCA supply the inferomedial part of the temporal lobe, occipital pole, visual cortex, and splenium of the corpus callosum.

Anterior, middle and posterior hippocampal arteries may arise from PCA and supply hippocampus


Stroke pattern:

  • Visual field defects with hemianopia are the main clinical findings.
  • Unilateral headache
  • Bilateral cortical occipito-temporal infarct: cortical blindness without or with anosognosia (Anton’s Syndrome)
  • Thalamic infarct: sensory defect in variable combination with ataxia or involuntary movements. More extensive midbrain lesions produce vigilance and oculomotor troubles
  • Hemiparesis if infarction of the cerebral peduncle or of the anterior segment of the posterior limb of the internal capsule.

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