Origin: Eustachian tube

Insertion: Handle of the malleus

Artery: Superior tympanic artery

Nerve: Medial pterygoid nervefrom mandibular nerve

Action: Tensing the tympanic membrane


The Tensor tympani is contained in the bony canal above the osseous portion of the auditory tube, from which it is separated by the septum canalis musculotubarii. It arises from the cartilaginous portion of the auditory tube and the adjoining part of the great wing of the sphenoid, as well as from the osseous canal in which it is contained. Passing backward through the canal, it ends in a slender tendon which enters the tympanic cavity, makes a sharp bend around the extremity of the septum, and is inserted into the manubrium of the malleus, near its root. It is supplied by a branch of the mandibular nerve through the otic ganglion.

Actions.—The Tensor tympani draws the tympanic membrane medialward, and thus increases its tension.




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