The basilic vein (v. basilicabegins in the ulnar part of the dorsal venous network.

It runs up the posterior surface of the ulnar side of the forearm (Basilic vein of forearm) and inclines forward to the anterior surface below the elbow, where it is joined by the vena mediana cubiti.

It ascends obliquely in the groove between the Biceps brachii and Pronator teres and crosses the brachial artery, from which it is separated by the lacertus fibrosus; filaments of the medial antibrachial cutaneous nerve pass both in front of and behind this portion of the vein.

It then runs upward along the medial border of the Biceps brachii, perforates the deep fascia a little below the middle of the arm, and, ascending on the medial side of the brachial artery to the lower border of the Teres major, is continued onward as the axillary vein.


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