Côndilo lateral - Condylus lateralis


The medial and lateral condyles form the proximal part of the body of femur, and articulate with the proximal part of tibia to form the femorotibial joint.

They are separated by the deep intercondylar fossa, proximally bounded by the horizontal intercondylar line.

The abaxial parts of the condyles are not articular and these rough area are respectively called medial and lateral epicondyles, for attachment of the collateral ligaments of the stifle joint. There are two depression on the lateral condyle: a cranial one (fossa extensoria), origin of musculi extensor digitorum, digitalis longus and fibularis tertius, and a caudal one (fossa for popliteal) for origin of musculus popliteus.

In carnivores, on the caudal surface of each condyles are small facets (articular surface for lateral or medial sesamoid) for articulation with the the two sesamoid bones (fabellae) embedded in the tendons of origin of gastrocnemius.

The condyles are continued cranially by the trochlea of femur.


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