Lobo hepático direito - Lobus hepatis dexter


The right lobe of liver is smaller that the left lobe. It is subdivided into two sublobes in dogs:

  • The right medial lobe of liver is the portion that extends caudally beyond the ventral portion of the costal arch. Its diaphragmatic surface is in the form of a curved triangle. The right half of the fossa of the gallbladder is located on its medial face opposite to the comparable excavation on the quadrate lobe. The right medial lobe of liver is partially fused to the medially lying quadrate lobe on its dorsal portion and in some species near the fossa of the gallbladder, leaving only a short fissure extending dorsally form the fossa to separate the two lobes.
  • The right lateral lobe of liver is cranially overlapped by the right medial lobe, caudally it overlaps the caudate process of the caudate lobe and is usually fused to it, laterally to the caudal vena cava. its most ventral extension lies opposite to the distal potion of the middle third of the caudal border of the right medial lobe. 

Miller's Anatomy of the Dog, 4th Edition - Evans & de Lahunta- Elsevier


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