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Antoine Micheau, MD, Denis Hoa, MD

出版于 星期一, 2008年 8月 25日

部分: 肌肉骨骼解剖图(上下肢)


Anatomy of the arteries and bones of the lower limb based on 3D pictures and angiogram (angiography).


Bone and artery of the pelvic girdle : anatomy based on medical imaging (3D images and angiogram adapted from computed tomography)


Angiography (angiogram) adapted from angioCT showing all pelvic arteries labeled : internal and external artery, pudendal artery, gluteal artery, femoral artery...


Radiography of the skeleton : all anatomical structures (bones and joints) of the pelvic girdle  labeled on a radiographic image (X-Rays)


Normal arteriography of the leg : image adapted from MDCT (MIP) showing  popliteal ,fibular, anterior tibial artery and posterior tibial artery


Radiography of the hip joint : anatomy of the whole human body based on medical imagin : femur, coxal bone, acetabulum, femoral head, iliac crest...


Anteroposterior radiology (X-ray) of the knee : anatomy of the femur, patella, tibia, fibula, lateral and medial condyle, intercondylar tubercle...


radiological atlas of the lower limb : radiograph of the knee (lateral view) showing joints (femoropatellar joint, femororibial joint, tibiofibular joint) and bones




Radioanatomy of the ankle : radiology of the ankle (lateral view) with anatomical structures labeled as calcaneus, talus, navicular, talo-crural joint.


Superior radiograph of the foot with all anatomical structures labeled (bones, joints)


Lateral view of the foot on radiography (X-ray) : metatarsals, phalanx, cuboid, navicular, cuneiform bones...


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