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Anatomy of the vertebral column with cervical lordosis, thoracic kyphosis, lumbar lordosis and sacral kyphosis

Vertebral column: Anterior view, Posterior view, Lateral view , 3D rendering

脊柱前、后、侧面图 (3D重组)




3D Anatomy of a cervical vertebra (C4) (A. Micheau, MD - E-anatomy - Imaios)

3d-view of a cervical vertebra adapted from a CT scan



costovertebral joints anatomy, vetebral column, radiate ligament of rib, superior transverse ligament, anatomycal, diagram, illustration , A. Micheau - MD

Diagram of costovertebral joints anatomy (A. Micheau, MD - E-anatomy - Imaios)

脊柱关节和韧带、肋椎关节(图解:A. Micheau, MD - E-anatomy - Imaios)


Anatomy of  the vertebral lumbar column : vertebral body, pedicle, intervertebral disc, spinous process

Left view of the lumbar vertebral column (Illustration : A. Micheau, MD - E-anatomy - Imaios)

腰椎解剖侧视图(图解:A. Micheau, MD - E-anatomy - Imaios)


Human anatomy of the sacrum showing base, promontory, wing and apex of the sacrum, with coccyx and coccygeal vertebrae

Anterior view of the sacrum : 3D reconstruction

荐骨前视图 - 3D重组


Anatomy diagram of the muscles of the back, inner and proper back, with suboccipital muscles, trapezius, rhomoid minor and major, latissimus dorsi, erector spinae...

Muscles of back and back proper (Illustration : A. Micheau, MD - E-anatomy - Imaios)

背部肌肉后视图(图解:A. Micheau, MD - E-anatomy - Imaios)


cross section anatomy of neck and vetebral column with transverse slice of cervical vertebra C4

Transverse section on C4 vertebra (Illustration : A. Micheau, MD - E-anatomy - Imaios)

C4脊髓横切面解剖图(图解:A. Micheau, MD - E-anatomy - Imaios)



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