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QEVLAR Radiology App provides a way for the modern radiology resident to get an edge! Start a quiz at your workstation... Called away? Rest assured because you can continue your quiz at any time. All you need to do is restart the quiz at your workstation or sync your account onto your mobile phone to continue on the bus home. QEVLAR Radiology App fits your busy schedule better than any other quiz tool on the market.




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QEVLAR, what is it?

It is the first cross platform app (Windows & Mac desktop computers, iOS & Android smartphones and tablets) for self directed board exam prep.
With QEVLAR Radiology app you can synchronize your devices to take your questions on the go and study anywhere, anytime. 

QEVLAR, who is it for?

It is designed by experts for residents to improve their medical imaging diagnostics knowledge and get ready for the Core exam.

QEVLAR, how does it work?

From your computer simply go to QEVLAR Store and load the question bundle of your choice.

The RadCore bundle is a high-yield question bank dedicated to the Core exam prep at the most affordable price ($49 for 3 months).


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Your companion for years to come

QEVLAR Radiology App tracks your progress over time and provides an assessment of your development. You can view your statistics at the end of each quiz or see your global progress on demand.  Not only that, as we update and improve the questions available, your progress will automatically be updated to show you faster the core milestones you need to work on. Remember QEVLAR Radiology App is not just another textbook but a living app that will improve and grow as you do.



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