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Unfors RaySafe - A Comprehensive Solution for Radiation Safety in the X-ray Room

Unfors RaySafe

We at Unfors RaySafe believe that only a holistic approach to radiation safetycan effectively reduce unnecessary radiation exposure to patients and medical staff. Therefore, Unfors RaySafe provides a comprehensive solution for the X-ray room which encompasses the three core aspects of a holistic approach to radiation safety: X-ray equipment, medical staff and patients.


1.       Product range for QA and service of diagnostic X-ray equipment

Unfors RaySafe holds a market-leading position in the fieldof quality assurance and service of diagnostic X-ray equipment. Ourmeasurement devices combine technological precision with user friendliness.From close partnerships with X-ray manufactures and medical physicistcommunities we know that our devices help ensure the performance of X-ray equipment in an accurate, yet comfortable way.


 2.       RaySafe i2: Dose monitoring solution for medical staff

RaySafe i2 enables medical staff to monitor their exposure to scattered radiation duringinterventional procedures in real-time. Studies indicate that the use of thisreal-time monitoring system raises awareness amongmedical staff and encourages an increased use of radiation protectionutilities[1]. With RaySafe i2 a dose reduction for medical staff of up to 45% was observed[2].


 3.       RaySafe S1: Comprehensive dose tracking software

The comprehensive patient dose-tracking software RaySafe S1 helps justify,optimize and control the dose to patients. By providing role-based support inthe form of valuable exam and dose information to different individuals in themedical imaging workflow, our software solution helps healthcare institutionsreduce patient dose, improve process quality and increase productivity in theimaging workflow while reducing cost.




[1]Racadio et al. 2013, Effect of Real-Time Radiation Dose Feedback on PediatricInterventionalRadiology Staff Radiation Exposure,in: Journal of Vascular and InterventionalRadiology, 2ndOctober 2013 (10.1016/j.jvir.2013.08.015).

[2]Boujan2012, Study of a real-time dosimetry system and its impact on current practices in an angiography room, Lectureconductedat ECR 2012, 2nd March 2012, Vienna.

All products by Unfors RaySafe combine state-of-the-art technology and appealing design with user-friendliness.

 1.       Equipment

  • Complete lineup of solutions for QA and service of diagnostic X-ray equipment
  • Enables to perform full range measurements with comfort
  • Market-leading measurement devices
Lineup for QA and service of X-ray equipment by Unfors RaySafe

2.       Staff

  • Dose monitoring solution for medical staff in real-time
  • Enables medical staff to reduce dose
  • Pioneer in staff dose reduction
Real-time DoseMonitoring System RaySafe i2

3.       Patient

  • Comprehensive patient dose tracking software
  • Helps reduce patient dose and hospital costs
  • Red Dot Design award winner 2012
Comprehensive Dose Tracking Software RaySafe S1

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