The Inferior lateral cutaneous nerve (Inferior lateral brachial cutaneous nerve ; dorsal antibrachial cutaneous nerve ; n. cutaneus antibrachii dorsalis; external cutaneous branch of musculospiralperforates the lateral head of the Triceps brachii at its attachment to the humerus.

  • The upper (Inferior lateral cutaneous nerve of arm; Inferior lateral brachial cutaneous nerve) and smaller branch of the nerve passes to the front of the elbow, lying close to the cephalic vein, and supplies the skin of the lower half of the arm.
  • The lower branch ((Inferior lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm; Posterior antebrachial cutaneous nervepierces the deep fascia below the insertion of the Deltoideus, and descends along the lateral side of the arm and elbow, and then along the back of the forearm to the wrist, supplying the skin in its course, and joining, near its termination, with the dorsal branch of the lateral antibrachial cutaneous nerve.


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