Anatomie der Bauch-Hohlraum (CT-Scan)


Antoine Micheau, MD , Denis Hoa, MD

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Freitag, 22. Dezember 2017


Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis

Anatomische Strukturen

Anatomie der Bauch-Hohlraum (CT-Scan)


We commonly use normal exam of healthy patients to create the anatomical modules of e-anatomy. In this case, we’ve deliberately chosen an abnormal patient with an important peritoneal effusion. This allows to the user to perfectly see the different parts of the peritoneal cavity (omental bursa, paracolic gutters, mesentery, mesocolon…). That’s why this patient also has a hepatocellular carcinoma with cirrhosis, ascites, portal hypertension, portacaval anastomosis and splenomegaly!



Anatomy of the abdominopelvic cavity (CT-Scan):Omental bursa; Lesser sac,  Omental foramen; Epiploic foramen, Paracolic gutters, Subhepatic space

Anatomy of the abdominopelvic cavity (CT-Scan): Transverse view


Anatomy of the abdominopelvic cavity (CT-Scan): Sigmoid mesocolon, Lesser omentum, Greater omentum, Visceral peritoneum

Anatomy of the abdominopelvic cavity (CT-Scan): Coronal view


Abdominopelvic cavity - Anatomy: Peritoneal cavity, Mesentery, Rectovesical pouch male, Superior mesenteric artery

Abdominopelvic cavity , Anatomy : Sagittal section

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