Anatomie des Thorax und der Brust (Illustrationen)

Antoine Micheau, Denis Hoa

Veröffentlicht am Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

ABSCHNITT: Anatomie des Thorax, des Abdomen und des Beckens

Bilder und Referenzen

Trunk - Surface anatomy : Pectoral region, Mammary region, Hypochondrium, Presternal region, Midclavicular line

Trunk - Surface anatomy


Anatomy of the thoracic wall and the breast (Illustrations) : Thoracic cage - Thoracic cavity

Anatomy of the thoracic wall and the breast (Illustrations) : Thoracic cage - Thoracic cavity


Sternum (Muscles-Attachment) : Manubrium of sternum Clavicular notch Jugular notch; Suprasternal notch Sternal angle Body of sternum Xiphoid process Costal notches

Sternum (Muscles-Attachment)


Muscles of thorax : Sternalis; Sternalis muscle, Pectoralis major, Pectoralis minor, Subclavius, Serratus anterior

Muscles of thorax


Intercostal space - Anatomy diagram : External intercostal muscle, Internal intercostal muscle, Innermost intercostal muscle, Endothoracic fascia; Parietal fascia of thorax, Posterior intercostal arteries, Posterior intercostal veins, Intercostal nerves; Anterior rami; Ventral rami

Intercostal space - Anatomy diagram



Diaphragm : Diaphragm Lumbar part Right crus Left crus Median arcuate ligament Medial arcuate ligament Lateral arcuate ligament Costal part Sternal part Aortic hiatus Oesophageal hiatus Phrenicooesophageal ligament Central tendon Caval opening Sternocostal triangle Lumbocostal triangle



Thoracic duct: Arch of thoracic duct, Cisterna chyli; Chyle cistern, Thoracic lymph nodes, Parasternal nodes, Intercostal nodes, Superior diaphragmatic nodes

Thoracic duct - Thoracic lymph nodes


Quadrants of the breast: Nipple and areola, Central portion of breast, Axillary tail of breast

Quadrants of the breast


Breast - Anatomy : Sagittal section (Illustrations: A. Micheau - MD - Imaios)

Breast - Anatomy : Sagittal section



Breast - Histology : Mammary gland,Lobes of mammary gland, Lobules of mammary gland, Lactiferous duct, Lactiferous sinus

Breast - Histology


Anatomische Strukturen

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