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e-CASES: Polytrauma due to road traffic accident, light vehicle against plane tree

Road traffic accident, light vehicle against plane tree, frontal impact, high speed (the patient who was the passenger was found in the driver's seat), release time: 1 hr 30, acute alcoholism and cannabis use.


Initial evaluation:

. Neurological: initial loss of consciousness, patient Glasgow = 15, no sensory or motor deficit,

. Haemodynamic: blood pressure: 11/7, heart rate: 120,

. Respiratory: Oxygen saturation: 94% in room air, respiration rate 20, signs of chest trauma on skin. No right breath sounds detected during auscultation,

. Abdominal: indeterminate abdomen,

. Maxillofacial: cut to upper lip,

. Orthopedic: open fracture of right wrist, lumbar pain, fracture of the left femur, fracture of the left humerus, symmetrical pulses detected.


Transfer to university hospital for continuation of treatment.