Dental anatomy - Illustrations


Antoine Micheau , Denis Hoa

Published on

Thursday 07 March 2019


Head and Neck

Anatomical parts

Dental anatomy - Illustrations

This module of human anatomy is composed of 38 illustrations dealing with dental anatomy.

In this module we will focus on different types of teeth with their faces and orientations. We will also deal with universal dental numbering and FDI and visible elements on a dental panoramic.

These illustrations were made by Gauthier Kervyn and the identification of anatomical structures by Pierre Zabarino, under the scientific direction of Dr. Antoine Micheau and Denis Hoa.

The translation of anatomical terms was supervised by Barbara Stockler.

Tooth: anatomical illustrations , General Anatomy

Tooth: anatomical illustrations , General Anatomy


Teeth (Illustrations) , Deciduous teeth , Permanent teeth

Teeth (Illustrations) , Deciduous teeth , Permanent teeth


Teeth , Face and orientation

Teeth , Face and orientation




Teeth (Illustrations) , Cusp

Teeth (Illustrations) , Cusp


Tooth: anatomical illustrations , Teeth-Cross sections

Tooth: anatomical illustrations , Teeth-Cross sections


Tooth: anatomical illustrations , panoramic X-ray

Tooth: anatomical illustrations , panoramic X-ray



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