Founded in 2008, IMAIOS is an innovative company in the medical imaging and e-learning field.
The cofounders, both medical doctors and radiologists, Dr Denis HOA and Dr Antoine MICHEAU, have been recognized as experts in the use of web and mobile software to provide new tools to help healthcare professionals in their daily practice. They received several design and scientific awards from the RSNA, the ECR and the SFR.

Expanding from its interactive atlas of anatomy e-Anatomy, and e-MRI course, IMAIOS is also developing a veterinary atlas of anatomy, exam prep tools for ABR Core exam or ECNi, healthcare related serious games, and fully featured managed e-learning platform that is accredited for CME in France.

Our R&D is exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D printing in medical imaging, for teaching and care.
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IMAIOS is your medical startup partner for web/mobile/VR-AR software powered innovation: feel free to contact us for your projects related to medical imaging or e-learning!

Anatomie et imagerie médicale

Anatomy and medical imaging

  • Human
  • Veterinary
  • Radiology


  • Mobile & web LMS
  • CME
  • Serious games
Développement et innovation

Software and innovation

  • R&D projects
  • I.A. & Deep Learning
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • R&D partnerships

Medical grade

  • Obsessed by quality and accuracy
  • Made by radiologists
  • Recognized expertise

Share knowledge

  • Bringing content to you with elearning
  • Spreading content worldwide
  • Supporting web, iOS and Android platforms

Closer to your practice

  • Building apps that leverage your software habits
  • Dedicated support team to help you
  • Listening your requests to improve our products

Adam O.

By far the best App available of you truly want to study MRI

Allen Sanshell J.

A must have for radiologists!

Elena C.

Perfect app which comes in handy while working in Radiology. I can only highly recommended it!


I can’t stop saying how great this app is! I’m using it (along with Mosby’s CT Review) to study for my CT registry. The app is easy to use and so informative!

Courtney Tomblinson, MD‏ @.

Wow-brief spin thru site & looks stunning! Wish I had for exam, but never too late. Love@IMAOS. Thank you for sharing w/us cc:@francisdeng

Andrew Nanapragasam‏ @nanapragasam .

Found this site useful when studying for my physics exam: …. @IMAIOS also have MR modules (...).

Adult Brain — October 2017

Assessment of Iron Deposition in the Brain in Frontotemporal Dementia and Its Correlation with Behavioral Traits

Sheelakumari R. … Mathuranath P.S.

Hence, the ROIs were drawn on both hemispheres with the help of e-anatomy of IMAIOS

Wiley Online Library — August 2016

A Prospective Study of Cerebral, Frontal Lobe, and Temporal Lobe Volumes and Neuropsychological Performance in Children With Primary Brain Tumors Treated With Cranial Radiation

Agbahiwe H. … Terezakis S.

Cerebral, frontal lobe, and temporal lobe volumes were contoured with an online MRI crosssectional atlas of the brain serving as a reference

Radiother Oncol. — March 2017

A cardiac contouring atlas for radiotherapy

Duane F. … Taylor C. W.

Information was sought from anatomy and cardiac imaging textbooks IMAIOS e-anatomy key articles describing cardiac segmentation models or normal cardiac anatomy

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