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The footprint of Esaote is sealed in the history of biomedical innovation and in the relationships that have led to change the world of diagnostics at an international level.

Since 1980, Esaote has focused its efforts on three main areas of diagnostic imaging, so to explore all the perspectives in a defined field of action. This has enabled us to gain credibility in the scientific environment and conveyed results in a highly competitive market.

Ranked among the top ten groups engaged worldwide in the field of diagnostic imaging, today Esaote is expanding its areas of expertise from diagnosis and prevention to treatment and follow-up, thus strengthening its position also in the Interventional sector. As first company to have developed innovative techniques, like dedicated MRI and fusion imaging, today Esaote is devoted to maintain the technological lead necessary to be competitive in an everyday more challenging environment.



Esaote was founded in 1982 just as a start-up.

The experience gained within Ansaldo at the beginning of the company activity and a very clear vision of the technological as well as socio-economical prospects that could be opened in the field of electromedical devices inspired Esaote engineers to immediately involve the medical scientific community so to turn their own technological expertise into innovative diagnostic tools.

The tight synergy coming from the continuous collaboration with clinicians, universities and health entities allowed Esaote to grow retaining the spirit in exploring new frontiers between science and technology.

Internationally recognized as a company that greatly contributes in innovating diagnostic imaging, leading to at the forefront solutions for diagnosis but also for prevention, today Esaote is looking also at the field of therapy. A horizon that has been opened only after establishing a solid position in the market and through an in-depth knowledge of imaging.


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