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"a Fluke Biomedical company"

Unfors RaySafe is the only company providing a comprehensive solution for the X-ray room to help its customers avoid unnecessary radiation and establish a radiation safety culture.

Since its foundation in 1994 the company invests in the development of X-ray measurement devices which combine state-of-the-art technology with ease-of-use. With the approach of user friendliness Unfors RaySafe became a pioneer in the field of quality assurance of diagnostic X-ray equipment which was long characterized by complex and inefficient solutions.

Since 2012 products in the Equipment area are complemented by a real-time staff dose monitoring solution and by a comprehensive patient dose tracking software for the justification, optimization and control of patient dose.

Believing that a holistic approach to radiation safety needs to focus on Equipment, Staff and Patient, Unfors RaySafe offers a comprehensive solution for the X-ray room to establish radiation safety for patients and medical staff alike.

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