The muscles of neck are :

  • Platysma
  • Longus colli
  • Longus capitis
  • Scalenus anterior; Anterior scalene
  • Scalenus medius; Middle scalene
  • Scalenus posterior; Posterior scalene
  • Scalenus minimus; Scalenus minimus muscle
  • Sternocleidomastoid
  • Suboccipital muscles
    • Rectus capitis anterior
    • Rectus capitis lateralis
    • Rectus capitis posterior major
    • Rectus capitis posterior minor
    • Obliquus capitis superior
    • Obliquus capitis inferior
  • Suprahyoid muscles
    • Digastric
    • Stylohyoid
    • Mylohyoid
    • Geniohyoid
  • Infrahyoid muscles
    • Sternohyoid
    • Omohyoid
    • Sternothyroid
    • Thyrohyoid
    • Levator glandulae thyroideae;
  • Pharyngeal muscles; Muscle layer of pharynx
  • Laryngeal muscles

This definition incorporates text from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy (20th U.S. edition of Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, published in 1918 – from


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