Anatomy of the cranium : illustrations


Antoine Micheau, MD , Denis Hoa, MD

Published on

Thursday 07 March 2019


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Anatomy of the cranium : illustrations

Bones of cranium - Anatomy

Bones of cranium - Anatomy



Cranium Newborn - Fontanelles:  Anterior fontanelle, Posterior fontanelle, Sphenoidal fontanelle, Mastoid fontanelle

Cranium Newborn : Fontanelles



Skull: anatomical illustrations: Cranial sutures, Bones of cranium, Parietal bone, Frontal bone, Occipital bone, Sphenoid bone, Temporal bone, Ethmoid; Ethmoidal bone, Inferior nasal concha, Nasal bone, Maxilla, Zygomatic bone, Mandible

Skull: anatomical illustrations



Bony palate: Palatine bone, Incisive fossa, Greater palatine foramen

Bony palate



Cranial cavity - Cranial sutures

Cranial cavity , Cranial sutures



Internal surface of cranial base-Superior aspect; Vertical aspect: Anterior cranial fossa, Clivus, Sulcus sinus petrosi inferioris

Internal surface of cranial base : Superior aspect; Vertical aspect



External surface of cranial base - Inferior aspect: Jugular foramen, Foramen lacerum

External surface of cranial base : Inferior aspect



Orbital cavity: Lacrimal groove, Superior orbital fissure, Inferior orbital fissure, Nasolacrimal canal

Orbit , Orbital cavity , Bony nasal cavity



Frontal bone-Facial aspect; Frontal aspect: Superciliary arch, Glabella, Supraorbital notch; Supraorbital foramen, Frontal sinus

Facial aspect; Frontal aspect



Temporal bone: Petrous part, Mastoid process,  Internal acoustic opening, Jugular fossa, Styloid process

Temporal bone



Sphenoid bone: Jugum sphenoidale; Sphenoidal yoke, Lesser wing, Greater wing, Pterygoid process

Sphenoid bone : Facial aspect; Frontal aspect



Ethmoid; Ethmoidal bone: Cribriform plate, Cribriform foramina, Crista galli, Ala of crista galli, Perpendicular plate, TA:A02.1.07.007]

Ethmoid; Ethmoidal bone : Superior aspect; Vertical aspect



Maxilla-Cranium: Infraorbital canal, Infraorbital foramen, Anterior nasal spine, Maxillary tuberosity, Zygomatic process,

Maxilla : Lateral aspect



Mandible: Mental protuberance, Digastric fossa, Ramus of mandible, Mandibular canal, Condylar process




Temporomandibular joint-Cranial synovial joints:Articular disc, Lateral ligament, Superior synovial membrane, Sphenomandibular ligament

Temporomandibular joint : Cranial synovial joints

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