Radiographic anatomy of the elbow on a CT arthrogram


Antoine Micheau , Denis Hoa

Published on

Monday 11 March 2019



Anatomical parts

Radiographic anatomy of the elbow on a CT arthrogram

This anatomy module presents the anatomy of osteo-articular elbow by arthroscanner, conventional radiography and 3D images.


Anatomy of the elbow - CT Arthrogram

Anatomy of the elbow - CT Arthrogram


It addresses a musculoskeletal imaging specialist audience (radiologists, rheumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons, therapists...).


Medical mages of the elbow joint


The images are from the latest medical imaging techniques (385 images with more than 125 anatomical structures captioned):

  • Arthrography: scan of the elbow after opacification by iodinated contrast from the joint cavity of the elbow. Visible in two different windowing scans (bone and soft tissues) and in three different planes (axial, coronal, and sagittal).


Elbow joint : CT arthrogram Coronal

Elbow joint , Cross-sectional anatomy : CT arthrogram


  • 3D: 3D bone reconstruction of the elbow bones (humerus, radius and ulna) based on the scan.


Elbow: 3D pictures

Humerus , Radius , Ulna : 3D pictures


  •  Arthrography: shows the positioning of the catheter within the joint cavity prior to opacification then plates of front and side views of the elbow joint by arthrography.


Elbow : Arthrogram

Elbow : Arthrogram , Atlas of human anatomy


Anatomical structures of the elbow captioned


125 anatomical structures of the elbow have been captioned, accessible via the "anatomical structures" tab:

  • Bones: shows the different parts of the humerus, the ulna and radius at the level of the elbow
  • Joints: shows the different structures of the elbow joint and the joint cavity visible in the elbow arthrogram (synovial folds, synovial villi).
  • Ligaments: resume the main ligaments of the elbow (radial and ulnar collateral ligaments, annular ligament of the radius).
  • Muscles / tendons: shows the different muscles and tendons of the ulnar region of the forearm and arm, especially the muscles arising from the tendon common to the extensors and flexors.
  • Fascias / synovial bursa: details the radioanatomy of the brachial and antebrachial fascia, intermuscular septa and the different synovial bursa (olecranon bursa, cubital bursa).
  • Artery: shows the division of the brachial artery in the ulnar and radial arteries at the cubital fossa.
  • Veins: details the superficial (cephalic and basilica veins, venous M of the anterior cubital region) and the deep venous networks (radial, ulnar and brachial veins)
  • Lymph nodes: shows the scan location of the ulnar nodes
  • Nerves: facilitates a display of the nerve pathways in the cubital region and the ulnar cutaneous innervation (radial nerve, ulnar nerve, medial and lateral cutaneous nerves, median nerve...).



Elbow CT-Scan : Sagittal section

Elbow CT-Scan


The Details tab

This allows the user to choose to display all the anatomical legends of the cubital region or to only display the most important anatomical structures in order not to overload the images.


The Window tab

Allows the visualisation of the bony structures and the joint cavity or soft tissue (muscles, tendons).


Language and anatomical terminology

We have used the Terminologia Anatomica to caption all the anatomical structures, with translations into English, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Czech and Spanish.

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