Anatomy of the spine and the spinal cord

Lumbar spine (MR) Premium

Anatomy of the lumbar spine on MR (axial, sagittal and coronal slices)

Anatomical structures: Vertebra, Numbering, Vertebral column, Vertebrae, Sacrum, Other bones, Joints, Ligaments, Muscles, Spinal cord, Spinal nerves, Peripheral nervous system, Meninges, Arteries, Veins, Regions, Other structures

  • 260 MR images
  • 155 anatomical parts

Spine (diagrams) Premium

Anatomical diagrams of the back and spine (cervical, dorsal and lumbar ).

Anatomical structures: vertebra, bones, articulations, ligaments, muscles, fascia, arteries, nerves, veins.

  • 68 anatomy diagrams
  • 415 anatomical parts

Spine (standard radiography) Free

Anatomy of the spine on standard radiography images:

Cervical, thoracic (dorsal), lumbar and sacrum coccyx spine

Anatomical structures: vertebra, bones and articulations

  • 18 radiographs
  • 192 anatomical parts

Spinal cord (diagrams) Premium

Topographical and functional anatomy of the spinal cord: diagrams and illustrations.

Anatomical structures: grey matter, white matter, external and internal morphology, arteries, veins, spinal nerve

  • 18 anatomy diagrams
  • 270 anatomical parts