Radiological anatomy of the coronary arteries after cardiac catheterisation



Antoine Micheau , Denis Hoa

Published on

Tuesday 12 September 2017


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Anatomical parts

This e-Anatomy module is dedicated to the radiological anatomy of the coronary arteries in coronary angiography.


Coronary angiography : Coronary arteries - Anatomy

Coronary angiography : Coronary arteries , Anatomy



It allows you to view a catheterisation of the left and right coronary arteries as well as a ventriculography, using radiological impacts used in current practice in the coronary angiography room.
This module is intended for students of medicine and paramedical studies to understand the impacts on coronary angiography and to recognise the different coronary arteries and their collaterals.


Coronary-angiographic images:



Over 500 dynamic images of an angiogram of the coronary arteries are presented here, with the incidences used in clinical practice. Small pictures at the bottom of the module serve as benchmarks for understanding the position and angle of the arch (3D images of the patient and coronary arteries):

Artère coronaire gauche
OAD : 20° - CAU: 20°
OAD : 30° - CRA: 30°
OAG : 0° - CRA: 30°
OAG : 45° - CRA: 20°
OAG : 30° - CAU: 30°
OAD : 0° - CAU: 30°
Artère coronaire droite
OAG : 45° - CAU: 15°
OAG : 45° - CRA: 20°
OAD : 30° - CAU: 0°
OAD : 30° - CAU: 0°



Left coronary artery : Left anterior descending artery (LAD) - Left circumflex artery (LCx)

Left coronary artery : Left anterior descending artery (LAD) , Left circumflex artery (LCx) (Coronary angiography)



Anatomical structures of the heart captioned in coronary angiography and ventriculography


Over 100 anatomical structures were captioned in this normal coronary angiogram:

  • Coronary arteries: represents the international nomenclature (Terminologia Anatomica) of right and left coronary arteries coupled with the nomenclature used in radiological practice (Cx, IVA, CT...).
  • Branches of the coronary arteries: includes the anatomical names of small branches of coronary arteries, less well visualised by coronary angiography.
  • Digital nomenclature: shows the anatomy of the coronary arteries represented by numbers (followed by their angiographic name). This nomenclature is less commonly used, but is useful for some protocols in cardiological research.
  • Heart: shows the main radiological anatomical reference points of the heart in interventional radiology in order to navigate (apex, base of the heart, pulmonary face...)
  • Other structures: details the extracardiac structures visible in this coronary angiography (lungs, diaphragm, spine, aorta).



Anatomy of the coronary arteries on a coronary angiography : Right coronary artery

Anatomy of the coronary arteries on a coronary angiography : Right coronary artery


The Details tab


This allows the user to choose to display all the anatomical legends on this coronary angiography or to only display the most important anatomical structures in order not to overload the images.


The impacts tab


Allows the user to navigate between the different radiological impacts in coronary angiography.



Ventriculography : Left ventricle, Aorta

Ventriculography : Left ventricle, Aorta



Language and anatomical terminology


We have used the Terminologia Anatomica to caption for all the anatomical structures, with translations into English, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Czech and Spanish.

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