Anatomy of the thoracic cage and the breast: illustrations


Antoine Micheau , Denis Hoa

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Thursday 07 March 2019


Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis

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Anatomy of the thoracic cage and the breast: illustrations

This e-Anatomy module presents captioned illustrations of the thoracic wall and breast in 65 anatomical drawings with over 260 captions of anatomical structures.


Breast - Anatomy : Sagittal section (Illustrations: A. Micheau - MD - Imaios)

Breast , Anatomy : Sagittal section


It is a tool for learning and teaching of anatomy, especially for students of medicine or paramedical health disciplines (physiotherapists, nurses, radiology manipulators, osteopaths...).


Anatomical illustrations of the thoracic cage and the mammary gland


The illustrations were drawn in Adobe Illustrator using data from medical imaging (principally CT scanner with 3D reconstructions).
These represent the diagrams for the study of the anatomy of the thoracic wall and breast:

  • Surface anatomy: illustrations in anterior and posterior view of male torso and back, allowing the lines and regions used in surface anatomy to be displayed (midclavicular line, midline, pectoral region, sternal region...)


Trunk - Surface anatomy : Pectoral region, Mammary region, Hypochondrium, Presternal region, Midclavicular line

Trunk : Surface anatomy



  • Thoracic skeleton: patterns of bony anatomy of the thoracic cavity and rib cage in anterior and posterior view.



Anatomy of the thoracic wall and the breast (Illustrations) : Thoracic cage - Thoracic cavity

Anatomy of the thoracic wall and the breast (Illustrations) : Thoracic cage , Thoracic cavity



  • Ribs: represents the anatomy of the ribs and muscle attachments
  • Sternum: details the different parts of the sternum (manubrium, sternal angle, xiphisternal joint) and the different muscle insertions (pectoralis major and sternocleidomastoid muscles).



Sternum (Muscles-Attachment) : Manubrium of sternum Clavicular notch Jugular notch; Suprasternal notch Sternal angle Body of sternum Xiphoid process Costal notches

Sternum (Muscles:Attachment)



  • Joints of the thorax: anatomical illustrations showing the joints of the thoracic cavity (sternocostal, costochondral and costovertebral joints)
  • Chest muscles: diagrams showing the arrangement of the chest muscles (pectoralis major and minor muscles, serratus anterior and intercostal muscles ...)



Muscles of thorax : Sternalis; Sternalis muscle, Pectoralis major, Pectoralis minor, Subclavius, Serratus anterior

Muscles of thorax


Intercostal space - Anatomy diagram : External intercostal muscle, Internal intercostal muscle, Innermost intercostal muscle, Endothoracic fascia; Parietal fascia of thorax, Posterior intercostal arteries, Posterior intercostal veins, Intercostal nerves; Anterior rami; Ventral rami

Intercostal space : Anatomy diagram



 Diaphragm: different views illustrating the different anatomical parts of the diaphragm (pillars, central tendon, arcuate ligament...)



Diaphragm : Diaphragm Lumbar part of diaphragm Right crus Left crus Median arcuate ligament Medial arcuate ligament Lateral arcuate ligament Costal part of diaphragm Sternal part of diaphragm Aortic hiatus Oesophageal hiatus Phrenicooesophageal ligament Central tendon Caval opening Sternocostal triangle Lumbocostal triangle





  • Arteries: represents the anatomy of the arterial vascularisation of the thoracic cage (intercostal arteries, phrenic arteries, internal mammary arteries)
  • Veins: diagrams of intercostal veins, internal mammaries, the azygos vein and the phrenic veins.
  • Thoracic nerves: diagram of spinal thoracic nerve divided into the intercostal nerve and its vertebral and mammary branches.
  • Thoracic lymph nodes: anatomy of the thoracic duct, the cisterna chyli, and parietal thoracic lymphatic ganglia (parasternal and intercostal nodes...)



Thoracic duct: Arch of thoracic duct, Cisterna chyli; Chyle cistern, Thoracic lymph nodes, Parasternal nodes, Intercostal nodes, Superior diaphragmatic nodes

Thoracic duct : Thoracic lymph nodes



  •  Breast: several illustrations represent the surface anatomy of the mammary gland (nipple, areola, axillary process), the sagittal anatomy of the breast (lobes, lactiferous sinuses, milk ducts), the arterial and venous vascularisation, the lymphatic drainage and histology of the breast.



Quadrants of the breast: Nipple and areola, Central portion of breast, Axillary tail of breast

Quadrants of the breast


Breast - Histology : Mammary gland,Lobes of mammary gland, Lobules of mammary gland, Lactiferous duct, Lactiferous sinus

Breast : Histology


 Captions of the anatomical structures of the thoracic wall and breast:


260 anatomical structures were annotated on this atlas of thoracic anatomy, accessible via the "anatomical structures" tab:

  • Regions
  • Plans and lines
  • Bones: Ribs, Sternum, Thoracic wall, Spine, Bones of the upper limb
  • Joints
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles
  • Diaphragm
  • Arteries
  • Veins
  • Lymph nodes
  • Nerves
  • Breast
  • Other structures


Language and terminology for the study of the anatomy of the thorax


The anatomical structures are available in different languages (English, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Czech and Spanish) adapted from the Terminologia Anatomica.

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