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Metastastasis of the peritoneal cavity



Quantify extent of metastasis into the peritoneal cavity.

Abdomen and pelvis are divided into 13 identified regions. For each region, a Lesion Size (LS) score is calculated for the largest tumor in that region (not the number of tumors in the area, just the size of the largest tumor in that particular region).

No tumor nodules in a region: a score of zero is given to that region (LS-0).

- Tumor nodules in a region smaller than 0.5 cm: LS score of one (LS-1) is given to that region.

- Tumor nodules from 0.5-5.0 cm present: it is given a lesion size score of two (LS-2).

- Tumor nodules greater than 5.0 cm or tumors that converge: it is given a score of three (LS-3).


Lesion size scores for each of the thirteen regions are added together. Highest score possible is 39.

PCI scores can be calculated before cytoreduction (debulking) surgery and after. It is possible for a PCI of 39 prior to cytoreduction surgery to become a PCI of 0 after surgery if all tumors are removed.


Metastastasis of the peritoneal cavity

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