e-CASES: Magerl Classification - Thoracolumbar spine fractures

Dr Antoine Micheau – CHU Arnaud de Villeneuve

Magerl Classification

Type A.

Vertebral body compression

A1. Impaction fractures

A2. Split fractures

A3. Burst fractures


Type B

Anterior and posterior element injury with distraction

B1. Posterior disruption predominantly ligamentous (flexion-distraction injury)

B2. Posterior disruption predominantly osseous (flexion-distraction injury)

B3. Anterior disruption through the disc (hyperextension-shear injury)


Type C

Anterior and posterior element injury with rotation

C1. Type A injuries with rotation (compression injuries with rotation)

C2. Type B injuries with rotation

C3. Rotational-shear injuries


Thoracolumbar spine fractures

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