e-CASES: Late recurrence of cancer of the left breast


Doubt concerning a fibrous image and more marked density in the upper lateral quadrant of the left breast on a mammogram carried out externally.
Past history of breast cancer treated on the left 15 years ago and on the right 10 years ago.


Left external nodule measuring 8 mm, with an undefined outline, better appreciated with tomosynthesis.
Ultrasound revealing the nodule and biopsy: SBR 2 infiltrating ductal carcinoma.


Late recurrence of cancer of the left breast


In this case, only around 75% of the outline was visible, even with tomosynthesis.
On the other hand, it was relatively dense in relation to the rest of the breast, although there were no other negative criteria: it was the modification in relation to the previous control mammograms that made this image suspicious and was the motivation for an additional ultrasound.

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