e-CASES: Tibial encondroma

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Sudden pain and "click" after a very small bump on the street.


Note from a contributor of Imaios :


"The submitted history is more likely attributable to the medial meniscal tear shown on your MR images. You may notice a near complete tear of the posterior root of the medial meniscus. This fits the clinical story well. Tibial enchondromas are typically asymptomatic. The meniscal root tear may be easier to appreciate on coronal imaging, but it is present on the sagital images.


Hope that helps -"


Perry Horwich, M.D.

Musculoskeletal Radiologist

The Guthrie Clinic

Corning, NY and Sayre, PA



hyper intense PD fs anf hipo T1 intraosseuous mass, polilobulatated, with some signal void inside, possibly calcifications.


Tibial encondroma


although the posterior cortex of the tibial is disrupted, it doesn't mean malignancy. Cortext was thinned and scalloped by the encondroma, so the fragile bone collaped at minor trauma




Key points

Disrupted cortex does not always mean malignancy

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