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Primary Site


C50.0 Nipple (areolar)

Paget disease without underlying tumor


C50.1 Central portion of breast (subareolar) area extending 1 cm around areolar complex



Next to areola, NOS

Behind, beneath, under, underneath, next to, above, cephalad to, or below nipple

Paget disease with underlying tumor

Lower central


C50.2 Upper inner quadrant (UIQ) of breast

Superior medial

Upper medial

Superior inner


C50.3 Lower inner quadrant (LIQ) of breast

Inferior medial

Lower medial

Inferior inner


C50.4 Upper outer quadrant (UOQ) of breast

Superior lateral

Superior outer

Upper lateral


C50.5 Lower outer quadrant (LOQ) of breast

Inferior lateral

Inferior outer

Lower lateral


C50.6 Axillary tail of breast

Tail of breast, NOS

Tail of Spence


C50.8 Overlapping lesion of breast

Inferior breast, NOS

Inner breast, NOS

Lateral breast, NOS

Lower breast, NOS

Medial breast, NOS

Midline breast NOS

Outer breast NOS

Superior breast, NOS

Upper breast, NOS

3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00 o’clock


C50.9 Breast, unspecified

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