Adrenal mass - CT algorythm


CT whithout contrast imaging :

< 0 HU : Se: 47% and Sp:100%

< 10 HU : Se 71% and Sp: 98%

If on the unenhanced-CT the density is equal to or below 10 HU the lesion is considered to be an adenoma and no further workup is neccessary.

If the density is more than 10 HU the wash out should be calculated on CT enhanced at 60-90 sec and delayed at 10-15 min:

- Absolute enhancement wash out > 60% = adenoma

- Relative enhancement wash out > 40% = adenoma


Contraste washout with a circular ROI (UH) on the adrenal mass:

AW = enhanced CT - delayed CT / enhanced CT - unenhanced CT X100

RW = enhanced CT - delayed CT / enhanced CT X100

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Dr Antoine Micheau
CHU Arnaud de Villeneuve
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Adenoma of suprarenal gland adrenal-mass-adenoma-ct-algorythm