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FIGO 2009 - Ovary



Stage I

Limited to one or both ovaries

- IA — involves one ovary; capsule intact; no tumor on ovarian surface; no malignant cells in ascites or peritoneal washings

- IB — involves both ovaries; capsule intact; no tumor on ovarian surface; negative washings

- IC — tumor limited to ovaries with any of the following: capsule ruptured, tumor on ovarian surface, positive washings


Stage II

Pelvic extension or implants

- IIA — extension or implants onto uterus or fallopian tube; negative washings

- IIB — extension or implants onto other pelvic structures; negative washings

- IIC — pelvic extension or implants with positive peritoneal washings


Stage III

Peritoneal implants outside of the pelvis; or limited to the pelvis with extension to the small bowel or omentum

- IIIA — microscopic peritoneal metastases beyond pelvis

- IIIB — macroscopic peritoneal metastases beyond pelvis less than 2 cm in size

- IIIC — peritoneal metastases beyond pelvis > 2 cm or lymph node metastases (Para-aortic lymph node metastases are considered regional lymph nodes)


Stage IV

Distant metastases to the liver or outside the peritoneal cavity

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