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Measurement From To Length
Transverse diameter
(of inlet)
Between extreme lateral points of pelvic inlet 13.5-14 cm
Oblique diameter I Right sacroiliac joint Left iliopubic eminence 12-12.5 cm
Oblique diameter II Left sacroiliac joint Right iliopubic eminence 11.5-12 cm
Anatomical conjugate Pubic symphysis Promontory ~12 cm
True conjugate
(obsteric conjugate)
Retropubic eminence
(posterior surface
of symphysis)
Promontory 11.5 cm
Diagonal conjugate* Inferior pubic ligament Promontory 13 cm
Straight conjugate Lower border of symphysis Tip of coccyx 9.5-10 cm
Median conjugate Lower border of symphysis Lower border of sacrum 11.5 cm
Transverse diameter
(of midpelvis)
Bispinous > 10 cm
Transverse diameter
(of outlet)
Between ischial tuberosities 10-11 cm
Intertrochanteric distance Between femurs 31 cm
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