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e-CASES: Scale for Age-Related White Matter Changes (ARWMC) on MRI and CT

Dr Antoine Micheau , Clinique du Parc - Castelnau Le Lez - Montpellier , Montpellier , Herault , France

The ARWMC Rating Scale for MRI and CT
  White matter lesions
0 No lesions (including symmetrical, well-defined caps or bands)
1 Focal lesions
2 Beginning confluence of lesions
3 Diffuse involvement of the entire region, with or without involvement of U fibers
  Basal ganglia lesions
0 No lesions
1 1 focal lesion (≥5 mm)
2 >1 focal lesion
3 Confluent lesions


White matter changes on MRI were defined as bright lesions ≥ 5 mm on T2, PD, or FLAIR images. Lesions on CT were defined as hypodense areas of ≥5 mm; left and right hemispheres were rated separately.

The following brain areas were used for rating: frontal, parieto-occipital, temporal, infratentorial/cerebellum, and basal ganglia (striatum, globus pallidus, thalamus, internal/external capsule, and insula).


A new rating scale for age-related white matter changes applicable to MRI and CT. Wahlund LO1, Barkhof F, Fazekas F, Bronge L, Augustin M, Sjögren M, Wallin A, Ader H, Leys D, Pantoni L, Pasquier F, Erkinjuntti T, Scheltens P; European Task Force on Age-Related White Matter Changes. Stroke. 2001 Jun;32(6):1318-22.