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e-CASES: Polytrauma due to a very high-speed single light vehicle road traffic accident

Very high-speed single light vehicle road traffic accident; would appear to have fallen asleep at the wheel, frontal impact, trapped with instrument panel on knees.


At the arrival of the Fire department: conscious Glasgow = 15, blood pressure: 110/70 mmHg, heart rate: 100, saturation: 97% in 9 l of oxygen, in considerable pain, reactive intermediate pupils, Morphine titration during release, no signs of respiratory distress, soft abdomen, no guarding, no loss of distal sensitivity.
Dislocation fracture of the left elbow, fracture of the right wrist, open fracture of the left femur, possible fracture of the left foot. Hemodynamic stability during transport. The patient was sent directly to the university hospital for treatment.
At the university hospital: Stable hemodynamics, reactive and symmetric pupils, marked reduction in left breath sounds, pain at peripheral fractures and pain in lumbar spine, abdomen soft, compressible, painless.
The body scan is provided.