Body [Shaft] of fibula - Corpus fibulae


The body (shaft) of fibula is rudimentary in horses and absent in ruminants. It is separated from tibia by the interosseous space. 

The fibula is described with 3 surfaces and 5 borders (but these numbers vary between species):

  • Interosseous border on the medial surface for attachment of interosseous membrane. In carnivores, the interosseous border is fused with the cranial border.
  • Medial border (only present in proximal half of fibula in carnivores)
  • Lateral border(only present in proximal half of fibula in carnivores)
  • Cranial border
  • Caudal border
  • Medial surface that faces the tibia.
  • Lateral surface
  • Caudal surface, between medial and lateral border.

Text by Antoine Micheau, MD - Copyright IMAIOS


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