Great adductor muscle [Adductor magnus muscle] - Musculus adductor magnus

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General terms > Myology > Muscles of the pelvic limb > Adductor muscle > Great adductor muscle [Adductor magnus muscle]



The adductor magnus is usually united with adductor brevis except Fe, Eq and often Ca.


Origin: Arises along the entire pelvic symphysis and on the neighboring parts of the ischiatic arch, but primarily from the symphysial tendon of the pelvic symphysis.

Insertion: Over the whole length of the lateral lip of the femur from the trochanter tertius to the place near the origin of the gastrocnemius laterale.

Action: Adduction and extension of the hip joint.

Nerve: Obturatorius.

Text by Antoine Micheau, MD - Copyright IMAIOS


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