Lateral dorsal sacrococcygeal muscle - Musculus sacrocaudalis [-coccygeus] dorsalis lateralis

Anatomical hierarchy

General terms > Myology > Muscles of the tail [coccygeal] > Lateral dorsal sacrococcygeal muscle



Origin: Continuation of the longissimus, fleshy from the aponeurosis of the longissimus and a tendinous origin from the mamillary processes of the first to sixth lumbar vertebra, the articular processes of the sacrum, and the mamillary processes of at least the first eight caudal vertebrae.

Insertion: Mamillary processes of the fifth to last caudal vertebrae.

Action: Extension or lifting of the tail, possibly also to move it to the side.

Nerve: Branches of the plexus caudalis dorsalis.

Text by Antoine Micheau, MD - Copyright IMAIOS


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