Left medial lobe of liver - Lobus hepatis sinister medialis

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The left medial hepatic lobe of liver (left medial hepatic lobe) is separate from the lateral lobe of liver by a fissure that begins 1.5 to 3 cm form the most caudoventral portion of the organ that extends to the porta. The left medial hepatic lobe of liver is separate from the quadrate and right medial lobe by a deep fissure, the fissure for round ligament (this fissure contains the round ligament of the liver in the free edge of the falciform ligament) , nearly midsagittal in location, which extends to the porta an nearly to the oesophageal notch.

Text by Antoine Micheau, MD - Copyright IMAIOS
Miller's Anatomy of the Dog, 4th Edition - Evans & de Lahunta- Elsevier


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