Ventral caecal artery - Arteria cecalis [caecalis] ventralis


Only the term “caecal artery” is listed in the NAV, but as described by Barone, two caecal arteries may be described in carnivores (and also in humans):

  • The dorsal caecal artery is the dorsal terminal branch of the ileocolic artery that crosses the dorsal surface of ileocolic jonction, enter the caecal loop and ileocaecal fold, gives branches to the caecum and ends as the antimesenteric ileal branch.
  • The ventral caecal artery is the ventral division (with the mesenteric ileal branch) of the ileocolic artery that courses ventrally andpast the junction between the small and largeintestines where its branches are distributed to neighbouring parts of the large intestine, even onto the antimesenteric surface.

Text by Antoine Micheau, MD - Copyright IMAIOS
Anatomie comparée des mammifères domestiques - 5th edtion - Robert Barone - Vigot


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