Anatomía humana - Ilustraciones e imágenes médicas

e-Anatomía es un atlas anatómico del cuerpo humano, interactivo y de libre acceso: contiene imágenes anatómicas de sección transversal obtenidas mediante distintas técnicas de adquisición de imágenes médicas (escáner, IRM o radiografía), así como fotografías de anatomía macroscópica.

"The most popular radiology application in this study was e-Anatomy, a subscription service that replaces traditional cross-sectional anatomy atlases with scrollable, annotated, cross-sectional images. This application is particularly useful during the interpretation of radiologic, examinations requiring the identification of specific anatomic structures not commonly encountered, such as in musculoskeletal radiology"
Journal of the American College of Radiology.
Reprinted with express permission of ACR Press and the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
Copyright 2013. American College of Radiology. All rights reserved.

Prix Herman Fishgold (SFR)
Certificat of Merit / Design Award - 2007

QEVLAR app for Core prep

Prepare for the Core exam with QEVLAR

Designed by experts for residents and medical imaging professionals to test, practice and improve their medical imaging diagnostics knowledge with interactive Clinical Cases and customizable quizzes.

"A uniquely rich breadth and depth of case material coupled with a learning process that is highly engaging and immersive. Active learning."
James H Thrall MD Chairman Emeritus
Department of Radiology Massachusetts General Hospital
Distinguished Taveras Professor of Radiology Harvard Medical School


e-Cases: Casos clínicos interactivos y talleres virtuales sobre imágenes médicas

Casos clínicos interactivos de los ámbitos de la radiología y las imágenes médicas

"The IMAIOS e-cases feature is a rich-media experience that enables a true PACS-like viewing experience that is intuitive and user friendly. As a radiologist with active projects in education, research, clinical practice, and consulting, I can envision numerous use cases for IMAIOS e-cases"
Garry Choy MD MBA
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School

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