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PerfectLum Suite DICOM calibration and QA software


PerfectLum Suite DICOM calibration and QA software is a top-notch, cost-efficient solution specially designed for use in medical imaging.

With this software solution installed on all of your computers, you can be sure that an image will be the same on every display.


PerfectLum is compatible with most commercially available monitors, video cards and measurement devices.

It is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Macintosh OS, including Windows 8, Windows 7 32 and 64 bit, Windows XP,

Windows Vista, and Macintosh OS X from 10.4.


PerfectLum Suite is not only a DICOM calibration tool, but also a medical monitor QA application, that verifies the conformance of

the display to medical standards AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57, DIN 6868-157, JESRA X-0093, IEC 62563-1

and performs acceptance and conformance tests for those standards.


PerfectLum Suite encompasses special features, which are seldom offered by other calibration software solutions -

uniformity and gamut calibration of displays. In combination, they provide a very considerable performance enhancement.

The resulting higher image quality matches and can even surpass that of the most overpriced displays on the market.


Besides, PerfectLum Suite offers its users an additional service, which does not require any special licence -

Remote Quality Management. With PerfectLum Remote Management, a system administrator can perform calibration, verification and

quality assurance tests for all displays in multiple hospitals and radiology practices from a single location.

There is no need to bother installing and protecting your own server for the Remote display management system: it is a full set of

maintenance and support services, provided with safety in mind.


As one of our clients, Mr. Scott Allison, MD put it, “I am extremely impressed with PerfectLum - I have not found anything comparable.

It really will help our group provide better quality service” - and this is what Qubyx team is striving for.

Apart from a very considerable performance enhancement of your display, there are a lot of other reasons why you should consider gaining the full advantages of PerfectLum Suite:


1. Financial benefits.

  • enhance and verify the image quality of all your displays;
  • no need to purchase overpriced “special medical displays” - you can calibrate your existing display to the highest standards;
  • no need to look for a new graphics card - PerfectLum is compatible with any graphics card, including 13 bit Matrox and 10 bit RealVision medical graphic boards;
  • no need to buy a new measuring device - PerfectLum works with nearly every model ever made.


2. Multi platform design.

PerfectLum is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Macintosh OS, including Windows 8, Windows 7 32 and 64 bit, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Macintosh OS X from 10.4.


3. A wide range of features.

  • calibration of all displays to DICOM part 14 GSDF and CIE L* standard
  • remote quality control
  • update of video card LUT or display LUT for displays that comply with the DDC/CI standard
  • calibration of multi-head display systems
  • uniformity correction and check
  • history log for comparing and checking results of calibrations
  • Briggs, SMPTE, AAPM test patterns to visually check calibration results
  • calibration to a certain color temperature and XY coordinates
  • many brands of photometer support
  • license supports all users on the installed workstation
  • automated QA - performing acceptance and conformance tests
  • scheduling conformance test automatically and reminding to perform tests


4. Prompt and extensive updates.

PerfectLum version 3.7 incorporates the following additions:

QA: overall stability of DIN 6868-57 and DIN 6868-157 improved.

Calibration: background calibration with Olorin, SONY and Lumimed displays implemented, uniformity calibration slightly improved, uniformity + Create ICC Profile combination improved.

Hardware: Sony LMD-DM20C, LMD-DM20 displays support added.

GUI: lots of small GUI changes, fixes and optimization; possibility to disable notifications for a task; working with reports improved.

OS Compatibility: Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) compatibility added.

Other: diversified auto backup,lutloader stability and security improved, French language added.


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