The submandibular space is a U-shaped compartment of the suprahyoid neck that is enclosed by the superficial layer of the deep cervical fascia.



  • anterolateral: mandible
  • medially: anterior belly of digastric muscles (separating it from the submental space)
  • posteriorly: muscles of the tongue
  • superiorly: mylohyoid muscle
  • inferiorly: hyoid bone



  • superficial portion of the submandibular gland
  • submandibular lymph nodes (level 1b)
  • facial artery and vein
  • fat
  • inferior loop of the hypoglossal nerve



  • Superiorly the sublingual space is  ​separated by the mylohyoid muscle, however, the submandibular space is continuous with the sublingual space around the posterior edge of mylohyoid
  • Medially: submental space


Related pathology

  • abscess (usually dental source)
  • diving ranula
  • submandibular sialolithisis and sialadenitis

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