MR Spectroscopy

Main clinical applications of MRS

por Denis Hoa

With greater feasibility in the clinical practice setting, the indications for MRS are multiplying. In brain MRS, it yields diagnostic data for:

  • Tumoral pathologies: choline, myo-inositol (gliomas), free lipids (necrotic tumor: glioblastoma, metastasis…), alanine (meningioma), lactate
  • Demyelinizing inflammatory pathologies: myo-inositol,
  • Infectious diseases: free acetate and aminoacids in certain abscesses, reduction of NAA and VIH encephalopathy
  • Metabolic pathologies: myo-inositol and glutamine / glutamate in hepatic encephalopathy, lactate and diffuse cerebral distress
  • Epilepsy, brain maturation and degenerative diseases…