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The fascia of the neck (cervical fascia), is the direct continuation of the fasciae of the head. The term "fascia of the neck (fascia cervicalis)" is a collective term for connective tissue layers of the neck, that may be subdivised in different layers (with a variable description between authors...):

  • The superficial layer (lamina superficialis), or superficial fascia of the neck: it extends from the superficial temporal, parotid and masseteric fascia to brachial fascia, deep to cutaneous muscles. It encloses the sterno, and cleidocephalicus muscles and trapezius.
  • The deep fascia of the neck (term not listed in the Vth NAV), is subdivided into three different layers:
    • The pretracheal layer: it attaches to to the wing of the atlas, the long muscle of the head and scalene muscles. Passing ventrally, it encloses the trachea, the oesophagus, the recurrent laryngeal nerve, the vagosympathetic trunk and the common carotid artery. It attaches to the hyoid apparatus and the phrayngobasilaris fascia cranially, the first ribs and the sternum caudally.
    • The carotid sheath (vagina carotica): It is the lateral extension of the pretracheal layer, that is a special loose condensation of fascia in which the common carotid artery, internal jugular vein, tracheal duct and the vagosympathetic trunk are located.
    • The prevertebral layer (lamina prevertebralis): sometimes called the prevertebral fascia, it is the deepest layer, ventral to the long muscle of the neck, dorsal to esophagus and trachea.

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