Huesos del carpo - Ossa carpi


In domestic animals, the carpal bones are arranged in two rows:

  • The proximal (antebrachial) row articulates with the radius and ulna in the antebrachiocarpal joint, and contends (from medial to lateral):
    • Radial carpal bone
    • Intermediate carpal bone
    • Ulnar carpal bone
    • Accessory carpal bone
  • The distal (metacarpal) row articultes with the metacarpal bones to form the carpometacarpal joint, and contends (from medial to lateral):
    • First carpal bone
    • Second carpal bone
    • Third carpal bone
    • Fourth carpal bone

The number of bones differ between species:

  • Human, pigs: 8
  • Horse: 7 or 8 (presence or absence of first carpal bone)
  • Carnivores: 7 (fusion of radial and intermediate carpal bones)
  • Ruminant: 6 (first carpal bone is missing and II and III are fused)


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