Músculo esternohioideo - Musculus sternohyoideus

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The sternohyoid muscle is a strong strap-like muscle, which originates from the manubrium of sternum and the firs rib (carnivores) and inserts on the basihyoid bone. I meets its contralateral partner on the midline of the neck and they extend cranially, covering the ventral surface of the trachea.

Origin: Deep surface of the manubrium sterni and the cranial edge of the first costal cartilage.

Insertion: Basihyoid bone.

Action: Pulls the basihyoid bone and tongue caudally.

Nerve: ventral branches of cervical nerves, and sometimes hypoglossal nerve

Miller's Anatomy of the Dog, 4th Edition - Evans & de Lahunta- Elsevier


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