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The cleidocephalic muscle is the proximal part of the brachiocephalic muscle, it passes from the clavicular intersection to several attachments on the head and neck.

It is divided into different part, varying between species:

  • Mastoid part: ventral part of cleidocephalic muscle, from clavicular intersection to the mastoid process. In bo, it inserts also on the muscular tubercle of the occipital bone. This part is sometime called "cleidomastoid muscle".
  • Occipital part (in pigs and ruminants): dorsal part of the cleidocephalic muscle, from clavicular intersection to nuchal crest in pigs and to nuchal line and nuchal ligament in ruminants. This part is sometime called "cleidooccipital muscle".
  • Cervical part (in carnivores): dorsal part of the cleidocephalic muscle, from clavicular intersection to raphe of cranial portion of the neck. This part is sometime called "cleidocervical muscle".

Origin: clavicular tendon/clavicular intersection/vestigial clavicle

Insertion: mastoid/occipital bone/nuchal ligament/neck

Action: draw the limb cranially and, acting bilaterally, to fix the neck

Nerve: accessory nerve, ventral branches of cervical nerves

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