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Myrian®, software suite for the visualization and the post-processing of multimodal medical images


Intrasense designs, develops and markets Myrian®, a unique software suite for the advanced visualization and post-processing of multimodal medical images (MRI, CT scans, PET, X-rays, etc.). Developed with leading academic partners, Myrian® combines and uses the various medical images to extract information that is vital to the patient’s care, to the rapid appraisal of the efficiency of treatment and to the assessment of drug candidates in oncology, chronic diseases and other pathologies.


Myrian® is used to process patient examinations from all modalities in a unified and ergonomic work environment. It is a new-generation workstation for the interpretation of results and the advanced 3D/4D post processing. It can be adapted to every modality, every organ and every pathology. It is multi-purpose and can be used on a workstation PC or an application server. It is also a complete teleradiology station or a specialized station for research work.


Myrian® solution is enriched by advanced clinical modules, called Expert Modules (or XP Modules such as XP-Breast, XP-Prostate, XP-Liver etc.). Each of them targets one organ or one pathology. They are based on Intrasense®'s original and proprietary know-how, in particular in the recognition and automated detection of anatomical or pathological tissues (3D segmentation engines) or image processing filters. Each XP module is delivered with the tools required for the organ targeted: segmentation engines, specific measurement algorithms, simulation or examination tools, optimized user interface and more.


With over 700 client sites around the world, Myrian® has been certified as a “medical device” in over 40 countries. 


Myrian® provides a solution to the challenges of today's health policies: it is both an important source of potential savings (screening, prognoses, assessing treatment efficacy, early diagnostic decision) and a lever for efficient patient management (decision-making assistance, scheduling, follow-up, communication).


Myrian® enables the following:

-        In the same work space and with ergonomic comfort, it processes, combines and compares medical images obtained from all types of imaging equipment (CT scans, MRI, PET, digital radiography, etc.) ;

-        It optimizes productivity of the radiologist and practitioners;

-        It enables the radiologists to provide with a more accurate and objective diagnosis. It is also intended for oncologists, surgeons and internal medicine specialists ;

-        It facilitates the rigorous reading and analysis of medical images in clinical trials ;

-        It is based on software architecture that facilitates the integration of new technologies and enables new specialized modules to be developed and implemented with very short lead times.


Intrasense also offers to medical and radiology schools Myrian® ED for education. Featuring the best image processing tools for teaching radiology and anatomy, it enables technical and medical schools to create propitious learning conditions for dispensing practical work and theoretical education using professional medical images.  It also empowers them to enhance learning conditions thanks to dedicated and interactive computer configurations.

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